ashi acupuncture • the textbook

Learn the Exact Needling Methods

Of the most common Ashi points that I've used daily for nearly two decades.

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The fundamental palpation methods to find Ashi points.

The most common needling directions and depths.


The most common De Qi sensations.

De Qi

Fan zhen jie ci

A detailed explanation of Fan zhen jie ci an obscure moxibustion technique that is mentioned in the Huangdi Neijing Lingshu as the treatment of choice for chronic pain.

Ashi/trigger point/dry needling is the treatment of choice for chronic pain. This reference text will help you incorporate this effective modality into your practice.

Chronic Pain

Gain confidence in your ability by learning what points are the most risky to needle.

Risky Business


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I've used Ashi acupuncture almost exclusively for decades and was disappointed that there were no books on this specialized form of acupuncture. Even books on trigger point injection don't adequately detail the actual process of needling. These factors pushed me to write this book.

30 years of study and practice in the field of acupuncture, including studies in China and Korea, multi-year internships with senior practitioners–I've drawn on it all to fill this textbook.

I truly believe this book will shave years off of the time it would normally take to learn this incredible style of acupuncture.

Eric Schanke L.Ac.

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Point Location

Learn these unique areas where the most common Ashi points reside. Most are referenced in relationship to common acupuncture points you already know.

What structures of significance are in the Ashi area? Of special note--which muscles? Do you have charts or books that show the most common pain referral patterns of the muscles? Use the index to find which Ashi points target those muscles and see exactly how to needle them.

Relevant Local Anatomy

Needling Method

Detailed descriptions of the needling angle, depth, typical needle length, practitioner and patient positioning, practitioner hand position, and more. The tips that will save you years of trying to learn on your own.

I even custom designed and built this awesome Pointer Thingy™ so you can always know what I'm talking about.

Pointer Thingy


Finally! A textbook that clearly shows how to needle the most common Ashi points! There are many great textbooks out there that can teach you diagnosis, assessment, and common pain referral patterns of trigger points/Ashi points. But they typically lack detail on the actual needling of the points. Not this book.


“Gives detailed instruction on...the very things that help the novice become an expert who achieves real clinical results”

Tom Bisio

Jaime Chaves

“One of the few textbooks...that will truly influence the way you wield the needle”

David Legge

“the descriptions of how to locate the ashi areas and how to needle them is very precise and clear”

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